Northern Fox partners with Peblik Limited at the ground floor, positioning itself for the emerging asset-backed cryptocurrency sector.

The future of mining

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are playing a major role in shaping and changing the world economy. These changes may be even more pronounced in the years to come.

Many experts agree that blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay. We believe like they do, that asset-backed currencies will become category leaders.

The goal of the Peblik blockchain and cryptocurrency network is to bring together the mining ecosystem and the commodity marketplaces where participants, such as producers, consumers, suppliers, partners, market makers, and other stakeholders own, control, and exercise their rights, privileges, and entitlements on well-known value assets.

Unlocking time and value

This is why Northern Fox and Cadillac Ventures have partnered with Peblik Limited to further the development of the Thierry Mine and leverage the Peblik blockchain to unlock the value and the future of copper commodities. The asset ownership of these commodities and the subsequent transfers and transactions create value in a real-time, practical, real-world economic network. 

Further to our Assignment Agreement dated July 1, 2016 between Cadillac Ventures and Northern Fox Resources, Northern Fox has signed an Earn-In Option Interest Assignment Agreement with Peblik Limited which assigns Peblik the right to provide $14 million USD in funding and 120 million Peblik tokens*, earning Peblik token holders the right to a 51% interest in the Thierry Mine and property, Northern Fox retaining 19%, and Cadillac Ventures retaining 30%.

Seasoned Management Team

Peblik’s seasoned executives cover all areas of technology, mining, public securities, finance, marketing, and communications.

We are pleased to announce, Norman Brewster, of Cadillac Ventures, recently joined Peblik’s Advisory Mining and Commodities committee.

Other Peblik figures include, Technical Advisor, Jon “maddog” Hall, Chairman of the Board of the Linux Professional Institute, the global certification standard organization for open source professionals. Maddog provided resources to Linus Torvalds — opening a billion-dollar line of Linux-based supercomputers — and he lectures around the world on Linux, Open Source, and Blockchain.

Isaias Medina III, Chief Legal Council, a former United Nations Diplomat and Legal Adviser of UN Security Council presidency; and the former General Legal Counsel of the largest mining company in Latin America (CVG Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana with over 32,000 employees).

Tim Goode, Finance Advisor, and the previous Treasurer of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Peter Holmes, Chief Marketing Officer, recognized as one of Canada’s leading marketing minds, listed in Marketing Magazine’s ‘Power List’ of the most influential people in Canadian communications. His work is cited in university textbooks, NBC, BBC, and is showcased in the permanent advertising collection of The Royal Ontario Museum, and included in The Canadian Graphic Design History Project.

Learn more about Peblik

Visit their website,, where you can download the white paper, watch the video, and join the conversation in Telegram.

*See Peblik Legal, Terms, and Conditions.